Casting Call for the film project EVIL WITHIN LIARS has ended

On April 1, 2019 we have closed the Casting Call

The main characters of the story:

LARS will be played by Tim Luca
YOUNG NILS will be played by Arno Grotenhermen
YOUNG NILS FATHER will be played by Harald Pucher
NILS will be played by Marlon Baker

The extra cast for the film project:

SIGUR will be played by Oliver Hohmann
MALTE will be played by Fabio Hain
GUNNAR will be played by Kevin Lenz

LARS' FATHER will be played by Dirk Baumgarten
SHOP OWNER will be played by Andreas Granabetter
TWO POLICEMEN will be played by Manfred Fuchs & Patrick Sass

Behind the scenes, we need some helpers as well.

CATERING, a cook or housewife who is willing to cook meals for the crew

When you're intersted in playing one of the roles above, or are willing to help us at the locations, please, contact Marlon Baker until June 30, 2019.

The film will be realized in July 2019.

Statisten und Komparsen gesucht

Für die Dreharbeiten im Juli diesen Jahres in Fulda suchen wir noch Statisten und Komparsen in Fulda, wenn wir in der Stadt und im Schlosspark drehen. Gesucht werden Kinder und Erwachsene, die gern mal bei Dreharbeiten dabei sein möchten. Bewerbungen bitte ausschließlich über die Mail

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