A Journey begins with the first Step: The thrilling life of Lars

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In this book I have published a story for the first time, which I have been carrying around with me for over twelve years now. Hello, my friend is more than just another short story from my oeuvre. It was created because I wanted to tell a story from several angles. But it never happened. And now I think I shouldn't keep this story in the drawer any longer. For Hello, my friend it is about time to stand on their own two feet, even if I reserve the right to continue this story at some point. Because with the farewell of the boy this story does not end, but takes an extremely dramatic course. But this is a story that wants to be told another time!

The poem, with the same title as the story, was written much earlier, and has now been a shadowy existence in my drawer for more than 22 years, because it was always an unpleasant child to me, because in this poem I not least poured out my soul when I was in a low and played with the thought of taking my life. Fortunately it never happened, but the poem fits like a fist to the eye to the story I wrote in 2005.

Lars adventures continue in Iceland, which became my new home. And I will certainly write more stories about this boy, because he touched my heart like no other boy. It is the first story in which I reflect on my life in Iceland and have incorporated many autobiographical elements. Lars adventure, that we lived through together, I will film soon. Preparations for this are currently made. But until the film reaches the cinema, there is still enough time to deal with the other stories.

My much newer short story The Druid's Wisdom fits into this book, because I wanted to weave this story into Lars adventure. But in the end, I decided against it and included it as a single story in the book. Of course, the reader is free to integrate this story into Lars' adventure at the point where I open the door to the old paths for him. This story will play an important role in the film and so will it here!

Gruselwald (Creepy Forest) also had to be in this book as it shows a life that is desirable for all of us. Here the boy preserves a precious good, and I never tire of telling my readers how important it is to preserve it. For once grown up, many go blind and no longer see all the miracles that happen around us.

In this sense, I wish my readers the best of entertainment with this book, that I publish it rather spontaneously, without announcing it grandly beforehand. But I am sure that now is the best time to publish this book, because many of the stories no longer wanted to stay in the dark. And I want to clear my head and concentrate on things that are currently of the highest priority.

The German version includes all the stories above, and is available on Amazon as E-Book and Paperback. The English version just includes Lars' adventures that take place in the film. I soon will publish a special edition of that book with many photos from behind the scenes and the film itself.

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