Based on true events which took place on the Isle of Wight

Lars and Nils have met before, but that was months ago. And now this boy enters the man's life again to turn it upside down. Because what else should the man have done other than give the boy shelter at least for that one night.

But when Nils brings the boy home, it cannot be denied that the boy is unhappy. Unhappy with his situation. Unhappy with his life. But Nils can do nothing more for this boy than to deliver him at home, after all, he doesn't want to make the boy's problems his own. He has had that before and doesn't need it again.

A few weeks later, however, another fateful encounter takes place, where the man can't help but take the boy with him, after all, the boy has taken on a great debt and seems to break from this burden.

Shortly afterwards Lars and Nils become a well-rehearsed team. The boy feels comfortable in his skin for the first time, and Nils does not regret having created a new home for the boy. But it is not only this heavy guilt that weighs on the boy's narrow shoulders. In some way this boy carries a dark gift within him, which fascinates Nils.

But Nils also carries a dark secret that must never come to light. It is not without reason that he has left his old life behind. And exactly this idyll now runs the risk of being destroyed, because the boy is all too curious and reveals the man's old life ...

Writer, 3D artists, filmmaker and publisher

Marlon Baker is far more than just a writer of crime novels and thrillers, as well as an author of non-fiction books. He has already made a name for himself as a 3D artist and filmmaker. But he was particularly taken with short stories, with which he began his career as a writer in 1992. It all started as a storyteller at the campfire when Marlon Baker told the other scouts of his clan exciting and often creepy stories while they roasted their marshmallows over the campfire.

When he lived in Los Angeles for some time at the age of 19, a good friend of his made him decide to put his numerous stories on paper. A first collection of ten short stories was created in several months of work, which he then published two years later as a small self-published paperback and which he years later - since the paperback was long out of print - brought to market as Mysteria Lane.

And Marlon Baker is a self-publishing author from the very beginning, even before self-publishing really started a few years ago. But he would never call himself a self-publisher, since the English language has much more beautiful words for what is probably the most beautiful vocation in the world: writer, storyteller, fairy-tale uncle and many more. So why should the self-publisher label be imprinted?

Today Marlon Baker's oeuvre is as multi-layered as his life itself. He has also long since written children's books, such as the award-winning children's book Mila and Spellbound, and also writes a book every now and then that is intended to inspire reflection, just like his publication A journey begins with the first step, which will be realized now as a feature film in 2019 / 2020.

More about Marlon Baker here: www.MarlonBaker.com

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